Check In/Check Out Details


Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is Monday morning. Please ensure that both bins are placed on the

roadside for collection on Sunday. If collection day is missed a $100 collection fee will be

charged to have the rubbish removed.


To ensure your safety the BBQ has been fitted with a Safety Valve, which also indicates

the level of the gas in the bottle. To start the flow of gas turn the gas bottle on and push

down on the Safety Valve at least 3 times. We ask that the Safety Valve not be removed

when using the BBQ. We also ask that you leave the BBQ clean for the next tenants;

otherwise an additional cleaning fee will apply.


To ensure that your dishes are cleaned properly we ask that you rinse your plates, cutlery

and glasses before putting them in the dishwasher. Please note that the dishwasher does

not have the capability to scrub pots and pans or any other utensil. If items are returned to

the cupboards unsuitable for use by the next tenants an additional cleaning fee will apply.


To ensure your food stays fresh we ask that you do not over load the refrigerator or tamper

with the temperature control. Please be aware that it you do overload the refrigerators you

will run the risk of spoiling your food. The Quay will not be liable for such a result.

Smoke Detectors

The Quay is fitted with smoke detectors that are connected to a back to base alarm system.

Please ensure you use the exhaust fan when cooking. A call out fee will be charged for a

false alarm.


The Quay is a non-smoking property. If you wish to smoke we ask that you do it outside

and dispose of your butts in the ashtrays provided and not on the lawn.

Emergencies or any Problems

In the case of an emergency or any problems please call Catherine on 0459 448 781 or Wayne on 0487 200 726.